Meet Chef Bob

Chef Bob Prasser, also known as the Short, Fat, Happy Chef, is the inventor of the Dragon Fire Thermo Recovery Filter,® and a private chef.

A Gourmet Heritage

A third generation restaurateur, Chef Bob has a long and proud heritage in the food and restaurant business. His German-born grandfather was a Master Chef who received his training in France. His grandmother was a French citizen and trained as a pastry chef. After moving to the United States, his grandfather worked as a chef in New York and then Chicago, most notably at the Wilmot Yacht Club. After his retirement, Grandfather Prasser opened Der Stube Restaurant in Lake Wood, Wisconsin, with Chef Bob’s parents, Jack and Gerry, serving the cuisine of their European heritage.

The Short, Fat, Happy Chef

Prasser obtained his degree in restaurant management and quantity food from the University of Wisconsin—Stout in 1986. After graduation, he moved to Vail, CO, where he managed the kitchen at Mataam Fez, a local Moroccan restaurant. Saving his paychecks and banking his experiences, Prasser returned to Wisconsin and bought his first restaurant 5 years later at the age of 24. He named the restaurant Der Stube after the restaurant owned by his grandfather and parents. While running the new Der Stube he completed his apprenticeship with Polish chef, Frank Fatla. Chef Bob’s father, Jack, spent nearly every morning of his retirement helping Bob with the opening kitchen prep.

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Always Cookin’

When he’s not playing the role of spokesman for Dragon Fire Thermo Recovery Filters, Prasser works as a private chef cooking for celebrities and dignitaries around the world. Staying true to his heritage, he serves traditional European cuisine with a few twists—combining his love of Mediterranean fruits with the recipes passed down from his Master Chef grandfather.